In case you haven’t noticed yet as you’ve looked around the site, I often link to Amazon–that’s for two reasons.

1. That’s where I do most of my shopping

Here’s the deal: I love the local comic book store. And I love mom & pop shops. But they can almost never beat the prices of Amazon or other online stores. I wish this weren’t the case, but especially at the volume I buy at, I’d easily be spending another 20% if I bought at a brick and mortar store. And I wouldn’t be able to read reviews or keep lists of things I don’t want to buy yet but want to keep in mind.

2. I’m trying to support a habit here

A big part of the reason I started Comic Book Buddy was to share my personal opinions/preference about comic books and to hopefully help folks out who might be shopping for the loved ones in their lives. If you buy something after clicking on of the Amazon links on CBB, I get a little kick back. It’s not much, but I didn’t make this site to pay a mortgage either.

The Comic Book Buddy Promise

I promise you here and now–this site will NEVER favorably review something that I haven’t personally read and genuinely think is worth your hard-earned cash. That would be an insult to you and an insult to me. A double-insult. The worst kind of insult!

My reviews will always be legit–even if a favorable review could have helped pay for my dog’s college tuition. (He wants to major in Art with a minor in Dog Performance. Still don’t know what that is.)