My name is Jordy and I’m running the show around here.

Welcome to Comic Book Buddy–Image of Grant Morrison's Animal Man seeing the reader.

Buddy Baker and I are both painfully self-aware.

I wanted to start this site for two reasons:

  1. Help folks out when they’re picking out a comic book or comic book related stuff for people in their lives.
  2. Have a place to spew my opinions about all of the stuff I love–comic books, movies, television…

So, feel free to check out the gift guides if you’re trying to find something for that special nerd (or soon-to-be nerd) in your life. Or check out the blog and see what I’ve been watching/reading/making up in my dreams lately.

I really hope that the stuff I put up here is useful to you–if it is, feel free to give me a shoutout on Twitter, Facebook, or in the comments. And finally, if you’ve got feedback, feel free to give me that too. (But hey, don’t be a jerk about it–there’s enough ugliness in the world).